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Weihai Jinling Maintenance CNOOC's “Offshore Oil 162”Platform Entering the Plant


China Merchants Industry Weihai Jinling has made new breakthroughs in expanding its marine equipment maintenance engineering business. On January 13th, the "Offshore Oil 162" platform owned by CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. was smoothly docked at Pier 4, and the project teams of both sides held a welcoming ceremony for the platform's entry into the factory. This is currently the most comprehensive, structurally modified, and technically challenging platform system maintenance project undertaken by Weihai Jinling.

The core of the renovation of the "Offshore Oil 162" platform is the upgrade of platform functions, including the renovation and upgrading of the trial production platform, the addition of the main hull tail structure, the updating of mechanical compartments, main deck, and second deck layout, and the renovation of seven major systems including boiler water treatment system, boiler system, nitrogen system, fuel oil system, fuel gas system, open exhaust system, and closed exhaust system, This is the first platform maintenance and renovation project undertaken by Weihai Jinling this year.

Undertaking the maintenance project of the "Offshore Oil 162" platform will further deepen the cooperation and win-win situation between Weihai Jinling and CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd., and add new names and innovative achievements to promote the development model of "precision manufacturing and strong repair" in Weihai Jinling.

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