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W Rubber Fender

W rubber fender is a type of marine fender that is shaped like a double "D" and can be installed horizontally or vertically on wharfs, docks or ships. It is made of durable, high-quality rubber with excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance and weather resistance. The W shape allows for excellent energy absorption and low surface pressure, making it ideal for protecting structures and vessels from impacts during berthing or mooring operations.

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Specification of W Rubber Fender

marine rubber fender specification

Application of W Rubber Fender

Application of W Rubber Fender

W rubber fenders are used to absorb the energy of ships and boats during berthing or mooring. They are commonly used in ports and harbors to prevent damage to the vessels and the structures they are docking against. The W shape of the fender allows it to distribute the pressure across a wider area, reducing the risk of damage.

Some specific applications of W rubber fenders include: 

 1. Commercial port and harbor installations to protect piers, quays, and other structures from impact damage caused by berthing ships. 

 2. Fishing ports to prevent damage to fishing boats and equipment during docking and mooring. 

 3. Shipyards to protect newly built ships during launch and when docking for repairs or maintenance. 

 4. Navy and military installations to protect their vessels during mooring and docking. 

 5. Offshore drilling rigs to prevent damage to the drilling equipment and platforms. 

 6. Floating docks for recreational boating and marinas to provide a protective barrier between boats and the dock. 

 Overall, W rubber fenders play an essential role in protecting vessels and structures from damage during berthing and mooring operations.

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