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PingAn PingAn Rubber, as a professioanl marine rubber fender supplier, manufactures a wide range of marine rubber fenders and accessories, including ship fenders, port fenders, rubber buoys, and other supporting components. All products meet international standards and are designed to provide reliable protection to vessels and docks.
Marine Rubber Fender
Marine Rubber Fenders are shock-absorbing devices that are mounted on the side of docks or ships to protect them from impact and vibration.
Other Marine Accessories
PingAn provides a range of marine accessories to complete your vessel's needs, including mooring products, shackles, marine chains, and more. All products are designed for reliable performance and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.
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The marine rubber fender from China has the advantages of high energy absorption and reaction force, usually used in ship to ship (ship to ship), ship to wharf (ship to wharf) barge, docking and other occasions, long service life, simple installation and maintenance, etc. It is a protective device with more installations in docks and docks.
Marine Rubber Fender For Ship
Marine rubber fender is a kind of elastic buffer equipment used on the dock or the edge of the ship. It is mainly used to slow down the impact of the ship, prevent or eliminate the impact and damage to the ship when the ship is docked or encounters obstacles.
Marine Rubber Fender In Port
Marine rubber fenders are designed for protecting ships from impact damage. They provide superior shock absorption and are durable, lightweight, and easy to install.
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About PingAn Rubber

Wuhu PingAn Rubber Co., LTD., founded in the early 1990s, is an military enterprise with a history of 20 years. As top of  marine rubber fender suppliers in China, the company specializes in the production of Marine rubber parts and engineering rubber parts, the main types of rubber fender (national standard and non-standard parts), inflatable fender and polyurethane fender. Our products are of good quality and have been selected by domestic engineering projects and n ships for many times. We have maintained long-term cooperative relations with wuhan Shipbuilding Industry Co., LTD., Zhoushan Main Channel Project, Nantong Port, Haikou New port, Zhanjiang port, Dalian port, fujian Mawei Shipyard, Guangzhou CSSC Whampoa, Wuhan shipyard and many other large domestic well-known shipyards. Our company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 quality management system certification, occupational health certification, environmental certification, the products obtained CCS inspection exemption approval, can provide CCS, LR, BV ship inspection certificate and n inspection certificate. Our unit has the industry's longest vulcanization production line, the length of fender within 20 meters can be one-time mature, do not need late splicing.

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Why Choose Pingan Rubber As Your Marine Rubber Fender Supplier?

Having a complete set of moulds, besides, moulds can be customized according to customers request.


The high quality natural rubber material, used to ensure the quality of the product.


Insist on doing 100% self-inspection before shipment, third-party agency inspection is available.


Providing professional guidance. Easy installation with operation manual or onsite technical guidance.

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