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Marine Rubber Fender

Marine Rubber Fender

PingAn Rubber, a leading marine rubber fender supplier, we offer types of marine fenders, including inflatable, large, jetty, and cell rubber fenders. Ensure optimal vessel protection and docking safety with our reliable marine rubber fender solutions.
​As top of marine fender manufacturers, we provide different types of marine fenders as request to protect the ships and other equipment. Marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn are designed to protect your vessel and dock structures from collision, shock and wear. Our marine rubber fenders are highly durable, flexible, corrosion-resistant and have a high compressive strength. The anchor marine fenders are also cost-effective and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for any marine application.

Marine Rubber Fender Benefits

Marine Rubber Fender Benefits

The rubber marine fender has the advantages of large energy absorption, small reaction force, wear resistance, insect resistance, simple installation, and convenient maintenance. The domestic fender has reached a higher level.

The large marine fenders absorb a lot of impact energy and has little impact resistance.

Good elasticity, will not deform under the compression of the marine rubber fender.

Light weight, practical and economical. Inflatable marine fenders have been widely used in oil tankers, container ships, yachts, offshore platforms, large docks, military ports, large bridge piers, etc.

Marine Rubber Fender Uses

Marine Rubber Fender Uses

  • Docking - Marine rubber fenders are commonly used to protect docks and piers from incoming vessels during docking operations. Rubber marine fenders can be installed on the sides of the pier or dock to prevent damage to the structures.

  • Vessel-to-vessel - Marine rubber fenders are also used on vessels to protect them during ship-to-ship transfer operations. Fenders can be installed at specific locations on the vessel to prevent damage from accidental collisions.

  • Berthing - In addition to docking operations, marine rubber fenders can be used during berthing operations to prevent damage to the vessel or the pier. Fenders can be installed on both the vessel and the pier to prevent contact between them.

Overall, marine rubber fenders are used to minimize the impact of collisions between vessels and structures, reducing the risk of injury or damage. They are an essential component for ensuring the safety and efficiency of marine operations.

Marine Rubber Fender FAQs

What types of marine rubber fender do you offer?

We have super drum rubber fender, super arch marine fenders, cylindrical rubber fender, cone fender rubber fender, rotating fender, gangway rubber fender and colored rubber fender, etc. Special types can be customized.

​What types of vessels are marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn suitable for?

The marine fender systems and accessories from PingAn are designed to suit all types of vessels, from large ships to small pleasure boats.

How often should I inspect and maintain the marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn?

It is recommended that you inspect and maintain your rubber marine fender and accessories from PingAn every 6 months.

How are marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn installed?

Marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn can be installed on the side of the vessel or dock structure, either directly or with the help of a mounting bracket.

What are the materials used to make marine rubber fender and accessories from PingAn?

PingAn uses high-quality rubber to make its marine rubber fender and accessories, making them extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.

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