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D-Shaped Inner Bore

We offer high-quality and durable D-Shaped Inner Bore in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the needs of your application. With our wide selection, you'll be sure to find the perfect D-Shaped Inner Bore for your project.

d shaped inner bore

Features of D-Shaped Inner Bore

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A D-shaped inner bore refers to a cylindrical hole or opening that is shaped like the letter "D," with one flat side and one rounded side. This shape allows for a specific orientation of a component or tool inserted into it, as it prevents rotation or twisting of the component.

D-shaped inner bores are commonly used in various mechanical and electrical applications, such as in gearboxes, shafts, connectors, and motors. The flat side of the bore can be used as a reference point for alignment, while the round side allows for easy insertion and removal of the component.

This feature can contribute to the overall reliability and efficiency of the system, increasing accuracy and minimizing the risk of failure due to misalignment or rotation of a component.

Application of D-Shaped Inner Bore

Application of D-Shaped Inner Bore

The D-Shaped Inner Bore has a variety of advantages, such as its ability to reduce vibration, provide better airflow, and even improve the overall performance of the machine. It can also be used to reduce the amount of material needed for the bore, making it more cost-effective. Furthermore, the increased strength and rigidity of the D-Shaped Inner Bore makes it suitable for high-speed and high-temperature applications. 

The D-Shaped Inner Bore can be used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial. It can be used in many different applications, including engine components, drive shafts, and other high-performance parts. Additionally, it is used in the construction of various machines and equipment. 

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