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Foam Fender

Foam Fenders are a great solution for providing protection and cushioning to any structure, vessel or object. They are made of durable and lightweight foam material, making them perfect to use in a variety of applications. Their flexibility and strength make them an ideal choice for preventing damage to other objects, while also providing efficient cushioning. With a Foam Fender, you can guarantee your property is safe and secure.

foam filled marine fenders

Specification of Foam Fender

TypesOuter DiaInner DiaLength of prodcutnotes
∅300 X L300customizable200-30000custom sizes are also available
∅350 X L350
∅400 X L400
∅500 X L500
∅600 X L600
∅700 X L700
∅800 X L800
∅900 X L900
∅1000 X L1000
∅1100 X L1100
∅1200 X L1200
∅1300 X L1300
∅1400 X L1400
∅1500 X L1500
∅1600 X L1600
∅1700 X L1700
∅1800 X L1800
∅1900 X L1900
∅2000 X L2000

Application of Foam Fender

Application of Foam Fender

Foam Fenders are a reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for protecting vessels, docks and other structures from impact damage. They are lightweight, easy to install and provide superior protection against impact. Foam Fenders provide superior energy absorption, making them an excellent choice for marinas, shipyards, ports and other marine structures. They can also be used to provide cushioning and protection from impacts in a wide range of other applications such as ship berthing, mooring and towing operations. Foam Fenders provide superior performance with minimal maintenance requirements, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

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