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Super Cone Type Rubber Fender

Super Cone Type Rubber Fender is made from the highest quality rubber and features a cone-shaped design that offers superior performance and reliability. It is easy to install, has excellent durability, and provides excellent protection against impact and abrasion. Give your vessel the best protection with the Super Cone Type Rubber Fender.

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Specification of Super Cone Type Rubber Fender

ModelMain Size (mm)
Cone 700700325954559451050638M306105~12540
Cone 8008003668052010801200644M367120-14052
Cone 9009004176558512151350644M368135-15555
Cone 100010004585065013501500656M428150-17065
Cone 110011005093571514851650650M428165-18565
Cone 115011505299875015501725656M4210170-19570
Cone 1200120054102078016201800850M4210180-21075
Cone 1300130059110584517551950860M4811195-22575
Cone 1400140066119093018902100860M4812210-23570-80
Cone 16001600721360106021602400870M4814280-27070-80
Cone 180018007815301190243027001076M5616270-29075-90

Application of Super Cone Type Rubber Fender

Application of Super Cone Type Rubber Fender

Super Cone Type Rubber Fender is commonly used in applications such as berthing, mooring, and wave attenuation, and is capable of providing effective protection in a variety of water depths and conditions. The product is designed to be easy to install, maintain and service, and its high-strength, durable construction provides long-term reliability and performance. Applications of Super Cone Type Rubber Fender can be found in a variety of marine and port operations, including: ship-to-ship mooring, berthing and wave attenuation, vessel-to-dock berthing, wave attenuation, and vessel-to-pier berthing. The versatility and efficiency make Super Cone Type Rubber Fender a great choice for a variety of marine and port operations.

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