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Rubber Corner Dock Fenders

Rubber Corner Dock Fenders are an essential accessory for any boat dock or marina. They are designed to provide protection from impact and wear while significantly reducing the risk of damage to boats, docks, and other marine structures. Their superior design allows them to stay firmly in place, even in the toughest conditions. Shop our selection of Rubber Corner Dock Fenders for an ideal solution to your marine protection needs.

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Specification of Rubber Corner Dock Fenders

inflatable marine fender specification

150H X 500L150500300200240752555959822.516.5M22
200H X 750L20075040035032010029751051303530M24
250H X 750L250750500350410100349012516437.520.5M27
250H X 1000L2501000500550410150349012516437.520.5M27
Note: Products of other types and sizes can be manufactured as customers' request

Application of Rubber Corner Dock Fenders

Application of Rubber Corner Dock Fenders

The application of Rubber Corner Dock Fenders is simple and allows for quick installation. Firstly, the fenders should be installed at the corners of the dock, where the impact of the waves is most likely to be felt. These fenders will absorb the shock of the waves, protecting both the dock and the boat from any kind of damage. Secondly, the fenders should be installed in a way that allows them to be easily inflated or deflated, depending on the situation. This is especially important in areas where the tide can change quickly, as the fenders will need to be adjusted accordingly in order to remain effective. 

Furthermore, the Rubber Corner Dock Fenders can also be used to provide an additional layer of protection for any dock or boat in areas where the water is particularly shallow. In these instances, the fenders can be used to create a buffer between the dock and the boat, protecting them from any kind of damage caused by the shallow water. 

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