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Pneumatic Fender

Pneumatic Fenders are the ideal solution for protecting vessels and docks from impact damage. They are made of high-strength reinforced rubber, with an internal air chamber that is filled with compressed air, providing superior shock absorption and energy absorption capabilities. They are lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and offer superior protection against collisions and impacts. With their superior shock absorption and energy absorption capabilities, Pneumatic Fenders are the perfect choice for protecting your vessels and docks.

pneumatic fenders for ships
pneumatic fender
pneumatic rubber fender

Specification of Pneumatic Fender

φx L
Compression Deflection60%
300 x 500141
400 x 800303
500 x 1000545
600 x 1000657
700 x 150011514
1000 x 150015628
1000 x 200021738
1200 x 200025354
1200 x 240030364
1350 x 2500410104
1500 x 3000486128
1700 x 3000542163
2000 x 3500743263
2200 x 45001078417
2500 x 40001049464
3300 x 650029811795
4500 x 900056884688

Application of Pneumatic Fender

Application of Pneumatic Fender

Pneumatic fenders are a type of buoyancy aid which is used to protect vessels and their cargo against the impacts of docks, moorings, and other structures. They are also used to reduce the risk of damage to the hulls of boats and other vessels.

The primary function of a pneumatic fender is to absorb the impact of a vessel and its cargo against a dock or other structure. This is done by providing a cushion of air between the vessel and the dock, which reduces the force of the impact and prevents serious damage to either the vessel or the dock. Pneumatic fenders can also be used to reduce the risk of damage to the hulls of boats and other vessels.

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