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Shear Fender

We have a wide range of solutions that provide superior protection for ships and other vessels from the damaging effects of collisions. Our Shear Fenders are designed for maximum durability and performance and are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your specific requirements. Browse our collection and find the perfect Shear Fender for your needs.

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Application of Shear Fender

Application of Shear Fender

Shear Fender is a type of marine fender system used in ports and harbors to protect vessels and docks from impact damage during berthing operations.  This type of fender is composed of a solid rubber material and is fixed to the quay wall by a steel frame. The rubber fender can deform and shear in a controlled manner when subjected to impact, thus allowing the vessel to come to rest gently and securely. It is suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes and berthing conditions, making it an ideal choice for ports and harbors around the world.

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