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Shanchuan Heavy Industry launches a 37000 ton bulk carrier for PZM

On December 27th, Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. became the Polish shipowner PZM (Polska) Ż The 37000 ton large lake bulk carrier 2, POLSTEAM KOPROWO (B37K-2), built by Egluga Morska, was successfully launched.

During the construction period, by drawing on the experience of the first ship production, the project team intervened in advance to organize and plan, coordinated with the design department to timely revise the plan and follow up with the production department to implement production and modification instructions, strictly controlled construction quality, strengthened self inspection and internal inspection, and improved the first inspection pass rate. Utilize existing resources, plan and implement measures such as installing all cabin covers on land and lifting them onto the ship, to avoid occupying multiple high-altitude vehicles and improve lifting efficiency.

After the ship is launched, it will enter a tense phase of dock outfitting and commissioning. The production and operation department's project team and various departments will continue to carry out a series of cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures such as process advancement and technological innovation, continuously shortening the underwater cycle.

Despite the recent year, all employees of Shanchuan Heavy Industry still maintain high morale and enthusiasm, and spare no effort to ensure the smooth completion of this launch mission. The company successfully completed the launch task of 12 new shipbuilding vessels throughout the year.

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