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Mediterranean Shipping Names Jiangnan Shipyard's Third World's Largest Container Ship

On October 23, the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) held a naming ceremony for the world's largest container ship, the "MSC Mette", at the Port of Fos-sur-Mer in France.

The "MSC Mette" was built by Jiangnan Shipyard for ICBC Leasing and Mediterranean Shipping Company. It is the third vessel in Jiangnan Shipyard's series of four 24,000 TEU ultra large container ships (H2734) and was delivered on July 27 this year.

According to reports, the "MSC Mette" was designed by China Shipbuilding Shanghai Bohai Marine Design and classed by DNV. The vessel has a total length of 399.99 meters, a beam of 61.5 meters, a depth of 33.2 meters, and a deck area equivalent to nearly four standard football fields. It can stack up to 25 containers and carry 24,116 containers, making it the largest container ship in terms of capacity. The ship is equipped with a hybrid desulfurization system, as well as unique features such as a bulbous bow, large-diameter propeller, and energy-saving ducts. It also incorporates a bubble reduction system for the first time, which not only reduces overall energy consumption but also cuts carbon emissions by 3% to 4%, amounting to a reduction of over 6,000 tons annually. In addition, it features an axle generator system that effectively reduces fuel consumption, optimizes fuel efficiency and Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Jiangnan Shipyard has built four ships in this series, with the first ship, the "MSC RAYA", delivered on March 30, the second ship, the "MSC NICOLA MASTRO", delivered on June 15, and the last ship, the "MSC CHINA", delivered on October 9.

Furthermore, from March to September this year, Shanghai Shipyard also delivered four 24,166 TEU ultra large container ships for Mediterranean Shipping Company. The fourth ship, the "MSC CLAUDE GIRARDET", was named and delivered on September 11.

According to the latest data from Alphaliner, the Mediterranean Shipping Company currently operates a fleet of 786 vessels, including 486 owned ships and 300 chartered ships, with a total capacity of approximately 5.44 million TEU, ranking first worldwide with a market share of 19.6%. In addition, it has 125 new ships under construction, with a total capacity of approximately 1.5 million TEU, maintaining its position as the world's largest shipbuilder with a 27.5% share of the existing fleet.

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