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Nanjing Jinling Construction of BYD's First 9200 Parking Car Transport Ship Starts Construction


On March 29th, China Merchants Industry Nanjing Jinling held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of BYD's first 9200 car carrier at Yizheng Shipyard, marking the official entry of the BYD 9200 car carrier project into the construction phase.

BYD has ordered four 9200 berth LNG dual fuel vehicle transport ships at China Merchants Industry, with two each built by Nanjing Jinling and China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu), and plans to deliver and operate them in 2025. This batch of new ships is designed by Finnish ship design and engineering company Deltamarin, responsible for all basic and detailed designs, specifically customized for BYD's designated trade requirements.

This ship is the largest in BYD's fleet and also the first ship to be loaded with a box type battery pack for BYD ships. BYD's energy storage battery technology and shaft generator system will be applied on ships, fully practicing BYD's environmental protection concept of green and sustainable development.

In January of this year, BYD's first 7000 berth car transport ship, BYD EXPLORER NO.1, leased from Zodiac Maritime, was delivered and departed from CIMC Raffles, becoming the first ship of BYD's "sea going fleet".

The BYD EXPLORER NO.1 is the first automobile transport ship built by a domestic shipyard specifically for the export of domestic automobiles, marking the beginning of the era of "domestic automobile self transportation" and will effectively ensure the rapid delivery and expansion of BYD's overseas market. At the same time, the smooth delivery of the project further solidified the international leading position of China's shipping companies in the field of automotive transportation ships, opening up a new path for China's automotive companies to expand their production capacity overseas.

During its maiden voyage, the ship carried 5449 BYD new energy vehicles. This ship entered the Atlantic Ocean through Cape of Good Hope on February 6th, heading towards Europe, and successfully arrived at the port of W ü rlichene in the Netherlands two weeks later. On February 25th, the ship departed from the port of Antwerp, Belgium and arrived at the port of Bremerhaven, Germany. Finally, on March 3rd, it stopped at the port of Zebruch, Belgium and set sail for its home country.

Starting with the BYD EXPLORER NO.1, BYD will welcome 7 automobile transport ships in the next two years to alleviate the problem of insufficient export capacity and support Shenzhen in building a "new generation world-class automobile city", promoting Guangdong's new energy vehicles to enter the international market more widely.

According to the International Shipbuilding Network, in addition to China Merchants Industry's construction of four 9200 berth car ships, BYD, as the shipowner, has also ordered two 7000 berth LNG dual fuel car transport ships from Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, which are also scheduled to be delivered in 2025.

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