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Breaking 4 million horsepower for the first time!

The production task of China Shipbuilding Engine in 2023 has been fully completed!

On December 28th, with the successful delivery and inspection of CSB742/6S60ME-C10.5+HPSCRR engines in the final assembly workshop of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's Qingdao Manufacturing Division, it marked the comprehensive completion of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's production tasks for 2023, with an annual horsepower output exceeding 4 million for the first time, reaching 4.35 million horsepower, setting the best record in the history of the company's merger with the three regions since its establishment, and once again breaking the historical record!

The 6S60ME-C10.5-GI-HPSCR dual fuel engine is the latest ME-GI (MK2) second-generation engine designed by MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES), with natural gas as the second fuel. The gas mode adopts Diesel cycle technology. Compared with the first generation (MK1), the second generation (MK2) gas system has a simpler structure and more convenient and flexible operation. The design pressure of the gas components reaches 350 bar, the strength test is 525 bar, the average effective pressure of the main engine is 19.8 bar, the explosion pressure is 190 bar, the thermal efficiency is as high as 50% -53%, and the single cylinder power can reach 2495 kW.

In 2023, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, all cadres and employees of China Shipbuilding Machinery Industry Corporation (CSIC) adhered to the overall work tone of "seeking progress while maintaining stability and taking new steps", united in struggle and innovation, and successfully completed various tasks and goals throughout the year. With hard work and hard work, they wrote a new chapter in the high-quality development of CSIC engines, and with sweat and responsibility, they opened up a new situation of building the world's most competitive ship power manufacturing and service enterprise.

Over the past year, the Qingdao Manufacturing Business Unit has deeply implemented the company's various decision-making arrangements, scientifically organized production, reasonably allocated re

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