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New Year's Launch! Shipping of 2 unloaders and 2 shore cranes from Haixi Heavy Machinery on the same ship


Recently, two ship unloaders from Bangladesh and two shore bridges from Malaysia, manufactured by Haixi Heavy Machinery, were successfully shipped on the same ship.

The two 1250t/h bridge type grab ship unloaders shipped this time are designed for the Bodu Akali coal-fired power plant in Bangladesh. The overall design adopts an "A" shape and is a mechanical four drum traction type. It has the advantages of reasonable mechanism layout, light weight of the whole machine, and easy maintenance; Two 41T-42M quay bridges are designed for the Kop Port in Malaysia, adopting a lightweight structural design that fully considers the pier's bearing capacity and meets the user's usage habits.

Port lifting equipment is an important component of China's shipbuilding application industry. In recent years, Haixi Heavy Machinery has vigorously explored the international market, and has successively undertaken and successfully delivered bulk shore bridges and tire cranes from Dafei Lebanon's Tripoli Port, as well as bulk shore bridges and automated rail cranes from Busan New Port in South Korea, Louis Port in Mauritius, and Hamamoto New Port in Qatar. It has also provided bulk shore bridges for French Reunion and exported bulk gantry cranes to Guinea.

It is reported that these two projects will respectively arrive at the destination port in the later part of this month. Haixi Heavy Machinery will make every effort to do a good job in installation and commissioning, and contribute to further deepening cooperation between the two sides and assisting local economic development.

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