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Huangpu Wenchong has completed the trial voyage of constructing a 1600TEU container ship for Asia Pacific Shipping


On April 11, 2024, Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, successfully completed the trial voyage of the ASL1600TEU first ship (H2483), which was built in bulk for Asia Shipping Corporation, with a trial period of about 90 hours.

The achievement of this achievement cannot be achieved without sufficient preparation in the early stage. The project team implements the concept of lean management, closely cooperates with all parties, continuously improves efficiency, reduces costs, and each small node has new highlights.

Before the empty ship measurement and tilt test, the project team fully considered factors such as weather and proposed to conduct an empty ship measurement status inspection and cabin depth measurement work one day in advance. All relevant personnel worked together to "catch up" and, with the strong cooperation of the shipowner, completed the tilt test inspection ahead of schedule to avoid the impact of strong convective weather on subsequent progress.

Before the rescue boat throwing inspection, the command center and the upper construction operation area should plan reasonably and consider comprehensively. Without separately hiring a tugboat, the project inspection should be completed smoothly on schedule during the docking gap, saving about 25000 yuan in tugboat and pilot costs.

The pre test debugging also achieved impressive results. With the joint efforts of all parties, the ship completed the main engine high-speed train on the evening of April 1st and completed the main engine mooring inspection on the afternoon of April 2nd, setting a new record for the main engine mooring inspection in the Wenchong factory area in recent years. In addition, the project team overcame the problems of delayed delivery of materials such as engine failure, valve remote control, and liquid level telemetry program in the engine room, and successfully completed all milestones. At the same time, in order to ensure that the remaining projects before the sea trial proceed as planned, debugging personnel intervened in advance for integrity checks. The command center arranged for daily verification, supervision, and reporting of completion status, forming a checklist, effectively promoting the inspection of each project.

During the trial voyage, all relevant departments worked together with the support of the shipowner to carry out 24-hour continuous inspection according to the plan. During this period, during the main engine running in, the debugging and installation work area began to prepare for the unmanned engine room inspection status, and other system sea trial projects were interspersed during the main engine load period for parallel inspection, further saving project inspection time and accumulating valuable experience for subsequent ship trials.

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