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Two ships to be delivered per week! Shipbuilding boom in the spring of the the Year of the Loong


On April 15th, the third 15500TEU large container ship, "ONE FUTURE" (H1847A), jointly built by Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Corporation, and China Shipbuilding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., for Canadian SEASAN Company, was completed and delivered at China Shipbuilding Changxing Shipbuilding Base 1.5 months ahead of the contract period, marking the successful conclusion of this series of ships with high efficiency and high-quality image.

The "First Outlook" is the second large container ship delivered by the company within a week, following the naming and delivery of the 13000 TEU liquefied natural gas (LNG) dual fuel powered large container ship "CMA CGM PARTY" on April 9th. At the same time, one 13000 TEU dual fuel powered large container ship has been docked, and one of the world's first Chinese direct river sea type 14000 cubic meter LNG refueling transport ships has been put on trial. In addition, tomorrow (April 16), the first ship of the 174000 cubic meter large liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport ship of the China National LNG Transport Project Phase III of COSCO Shipping and PetroChina will be docked and finally loaded. So far, in just one week, Hudong Zhonghua has realized the naming and delivery of new ships, undocking and docking, and trial navigation of multiple production nodes, showing a shipbuilding boom in the spring of the the Year of the Loong Year.

The "First Outlook" is independently developed, designed, and built by Hudong China, with complete independent intellectual property rights, and is classified by DNV classification society. The ship has a total length of 366 meters, a molded width of 51 meters, a molded depth of 30.2 meters, and a service speed of 22 knots. Its container capacity reaches 15516 standard containers, and it is also equipped with 1733 cold box sockets, which can simultaneously load 1400 cold boxes. The number of cargo hold and deck container layers reaches 22, and the height from the bottom to the superstructure is equivalent to 24 floors, which has the ability to navigate globally without restrictions. The main engine and generator of the ship are equipped with the most advanced hybrid desulfurization devices at present, and the main engine and generator are also equipped with exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) and nitrogen removal devices (SCR) respectively, which significantly reduce the fuel consumption index of the same type of container ship and achieve the best green environmental performance of conventional power ships, fully meeting the latest requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide emissions.

During the construction process, Hudong Zhonghua vigorously promotes new processes and technologies, fully utilizes digital and information-based construction methods, continuously breaks through production bottlenecks, and continuously achieves quality and efficiency improvement. The installation time of the service channel piping system is 20 days shorter than that of similar ships, and the main engine oil supply cycle is 50 days shorter than planned. Especially with a trial voyage period of only 5 days, it has the shortest duration among ships of the same series.

With the careful organization, planning, and unremitting efforts of the ship's construction team, the impressive performance report of the "First Outlook" was finally delivered 1.5 months ahead of schedule, receiving high praise from the shipowner. It is reported that the ship will be put into operation on the Asia Europe route on April 16th.

Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai East China has anchored its annual goals, adhered to science and technology innovation and cost reduction, adhered to digital empowerment, adhered to value orientation, adhered to bottom line thinking, and continuously improved the quality and efficiency of shipbuilding, achieving remarkable results. According to statistics, as of now, the company has delivered 5 ships this year, achieving a total of 24 major production milestones in construction, docking, undocking, and trial voyage, forming a good trend of simultaneous construction of large and ultra large container ships and large LNG ships. According to statistics, a total of 7 container ships are currently under construction, including the world's first largest LNG powered 24000TEU container ship, and an additional 4 are planned to be delivered this year; At the same time, there are 16 LNG transport ships under construction, and according to the plan, 2 will be delivered first in May, marking the beginning of the annual continuous delivery of LNG ships and striving towards the new record of 8 LNG ships completed and delivered annually by Chinese shipping companies.

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