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Construction of a new generation wind power installation platform ship for the China Merchants Industrial Haimen Base


On January 24th, China Merchants Industrial Haimen Base successfully launched and docked at Terminal 1 for the construction of a new generation wind power installation platform ship project CMHI-286 for China Railway Bridge Group.

The project team is dedicated to planning and organizing, with all departments working together to clarify division of labor and achieve a high standard state for all ships to be docked. The successful completion of this docking has laid a solid foundation for the next step of trial navigation and delivery. The project construction team will continue to work hard, deeply practice the work style of "three dryness and three colors" in the investment industry, and strive to be the first and create brilliance for the promotion of the "third entrepreneurship".

It is understood that on December 22, 2022, China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and China Railway Bridge Group signed a design and construction contract for a 2000 ton wind power installation platform ship of the "CM-WTI1600-XL" series ship in Wuhan. The ship officially started construction in April last year.

The new generation wind power installation vessel is completely independently developed, designed, and manufactured by China Merchants Industrial Group, mainly aimed at offshore wind power construction with a water depth of no more than 70 meters, and has high operational efficiency. This ship will be the first in China to achieve integrated transportation and installation of 15MW/16MW and 20W offshore wind turbines from the dock base to the construction site. Its operating water depth reaches 70 meters, which is the world's largest operating water depth. The ship is equipped with a 1600T crane, mainly used for lifting the overall components of 20MW and below wind turbines, lifting the loose parts of 25MW wind turbines, navigating near the sea, dispatching in unlimited navigation areas, and flying the Chinese flag. This project will be delivered and put into operation in the second quarter of 2024.

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