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Yangzhou Jinling delivers CMB's third 25000 ton stainless steel chemical ship


On April 12th, China Merchants Industry Yangzhou Jinling became the Belgian shipowner CMB The third 25000 ton stainless steel chemical vessel built by TECH Netherlands B.V. has been successfully signed and delivered. DE GRAEF, the technical manager of the shipowner, and THOMAS attended the ceremony as representatives of the shipowner. Representatives from financing institutions CMB Leasing and CMB legal video attended the meeting.

The ship has a total length of 149.92 meters, a molded width of 27 meters, and a molded depth of 14.2 meters. The main engine model MAN 5S50ME-C9.7 is classified by the American Bureau of Shipping.

The project team fully drew on the experience of previous ship construction, and after the ship's trial voyage and return to the factory, they followed the opinions of the shipowner one by one, demanding themselves with the most practical, detailed, and strict standards, maintaining close contact with the shipowner and ship inspection, and solving all the technical and construction problems raised by the shipowner on the previous ship. The smooth delivery of the ship reflects Yangzhou Jinling's continuous pursuit of product construction quality and profound understanding of the shipowner's needs.

It is reported that the two 25000 ton stainless steel chemical ships delivered in Jinling, Yangzhou in the early stage are in good operating condition and have been praised by the shipowner company. Yangzhou Jinling sincerely wishes the 25000 ton stainless steel chemical ship to sail with great success in the future and bring abundant profits to the shipowner.

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