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South Korean shipbuilding and ocean vessel carbon neutrality research and development empirical equipment completed and put into operation


On April 7th, HD Hyundai (formerly Hyundai Heavy Industries Group) shipbuilding holding company HD Korea Shipbuilding Marine announced that the company held a completion and production ceremony for the "Ship Carbon Neutrality Research and Development Demonstration Equipment" at HD Hyundai Heavy Industries located in Ulsan. This equipment is built on land to verify the actual performance of various ship liquid cargo operation systems at sea.

According to HD South Korea Shipbuilding Ocean, the company's existing empirical equipment was limited to verifying the specific performance of LNG fuel supply equipment, LNG re liquefaction equipment, and other equipment. The new carbon neutrality technology empirical equipment can sequentially demonstrate the entire process of liquid cargo transportation from loading and unloading to transportation, and thus grasp the overall application status of the liquid cargo operation system applying carbon reduction technology.

HD South Korea Shipbuilding Ocean Plan utilizes the empirical equipment constructed this time to pre validate the environmental protection equipment installed on ships, improving the stability of newly developed ship types and environmental protection technologies.

It is reported that the first target ship type for conducting empirical research after the production of the "Ship Carbon Neutrality Research and Development Demonstration Equipment" is a liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) transport ship. HD South Korea Shipbuilding Ocean Plan uses this equipment to verify whether dry ice is generated in the re liquefaction equipment and cargo tanks of liquefied carbon dioxide transport ships it undertook last year.

Starting from this, until 2026, the "Ship Carbon Neutrality Research and Development Empirical Equipment" will further expand the scope of empirical ship types and technologies, and conduct technical demonstrations on future environmentally friendly ships, including liquid ammonia transport ships, methanol powered ships, multi gas (carbon dioxide, ammonia, LPG) dual-use transport ships, hybrid electric propulsion ships, liquid hydrogen transport ships, etc.

HD South Korea Shipbuilding and Marine related personnel said, "With the continuous strengthening of international maritime environmental regulations, the company is developing various new environmentally friendly ship technologies, and ensuring the reliability of these technologies is very important. The company plans to comprehensively verify the self-developed future technologies, ensure the stability of the technology, and lead the future environmentally friendly ship market."

It is understood that HD South Korea Shipbuilding Marine has developed and undertaken related new ship type orders in recent years to seize the future environmentally friendly ship market, creating multiple "world firsts". In September last year, the world's first 2100TEU dual fuel methanol powered ice polar container ship "Laura Maersk" built by HD Hyundai Oita for Maersk was successfully delivered and put into the Baltic Sea branch line transportation; In October last year, HD Hyundai Oita successfully took on an order for 45000 cubic meters of medium-sized ammonia powered LPG transport ships for the first time globally. The shipowner was Exmar from Belgium. According to the shipowner's request, this type of ship changed from using LPG dual fuel engines to using ammonia powered dual fuel engines.

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