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Haidong Shipyard Received Order for 6 Stainless Steel Chemical Ships from Yunxiang Shipping


On April 8th, the state-owned Haidong Shipyard signed a construction contract with Zhejiang Yunxiang Shipping Co., Ltd. for 2+2+2 6600DWT stainless steel chemical ships.

This type of ship has a total length of 115.34 meters, a width of 17.20 meters, and a depth of 8.90 meters. It is a double shell and double bottom, energy-saving and environmentally friendly chemical ship. According to Clarkson's data, the first two ships will be delivered in July and October 2025, respectively.

Haidong Shipyard stated that this is the second cooperation between the two sides after the successful delivery of two 3400DWT stainless steel chemical ships, and it is also a manifestation of the shipowner's trust in the shipyard.

It is understood that Yunxiang Shipping ordered two 3400 deadweight ton stainless steel chemical ships from Haidong Shipyard in May 2022. These two new ships were just delivered in the third quarter of last year and were named "Yunxiang 17" and "Yunxiang 56" respectively.

Zhejiang Yunxiang Shipping Co., Ltd. was established in November 2005, and its business scope includes the transportation of chemical and oil products by domestic coastal and middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Currently, its fleet operates 9 ships. Since 2007, Yunxiang Shipping has signed long-term cooperation agreements with several large domestic chemical production, storage, transportation, and trading enterprises.

State owned Haidong Shipyard is one of the oldest shipbuilding enterprises in Zhejiang Province, founded in 1958. In the past decade or so, state-owned Haidong Shipyard has been facing the international market and is committed to building oil/chemical tankers with high added value and high technological content based on modern shipbuilding models. It has built over a hundred types of ships for domestic and foreign shipowners, including oil and chemical tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, engineering ships, etc. Its product quality has received unanimous praise from shipowners and classification societies.

According to Clarkson's data, at present, Haidong Shipyard has 15 orders of 450000 deadweight tons in total, including 11 tankers, 1 bulk carrier, 1 container ship, 1 general cargo ship and 1 marine factory ship. The delivery date is scheduled to 2026.

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