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Order 6 more ships! TOWT builds the world's largest fleet of sail powered cargo ships


Recently, French shipping company TransOceanic Wind Transport (TOWT) announced the addition of six sail powered cargo ships to the French shipyard Piriou, expected to be delivered in 2026 and 2027.

TOWT ordered the first two Phoenix class sail powered cargo ships from Piriou Shipyard in 2022, and these two new ships will be delivered for use this summer. It is reported that the series has a captain of 81 meters and a cargo capacity of 1100 tons. It can operate at sea for 320 days per year. In addition to wind power as the main power source, the ship will also be equipped with two turbocharged four stroke marine diesel engines. A single command center has been set up on the bridge, and its ergonomic design will allow on duty personnel to execute all instructions and route adjustment operations with one hand.

With the addition of the latest 6 ships, it is expected that TOWT will have the world's largest fleet of sail powered cargo ships by 2027, and the company is increasing production capacity to meet the huge demand for zero carbon shipping.

TOWT co-founder and general manager Diana Mesa and co-founder and president Guillaume LeGrand said, "After two years of intense work, we are delighted and proud to have taken an important step in TOWT's history. With the construction of six sail powered new cargo ships, our fleet will increase to eight, consolidating our position as a pioneer in sailing cargo transportation. This is a concrete and ambitious response to the growing demand for decarbonized shipping, and this expansion strengthens our commitment to sustainable future shipping. This is just the beginning, and we plan to continue our momentum and go further."

Since 2011, TOWT has been focusing on the transportation of sail powered cargo ships. By building Phoenix class sail powered cargo ships, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than 95% compared to fossil fuel powered container ships. TOWT stated that these 8 Phoenix class sail powered cargo ships can transport approximately 200000 tons of cargo, thereby reducing approximately 40000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

At present, TOWT has finalized the first batch of charter contracts for the first two sail powered cargo ships "Anemos" and "Artemis" to be delivered this year.

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