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A total of 12 ships! Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industry regains an order for Olderorff bulk carriers


Jiangsu Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has received another order for two Kamsarmax bulk carriers from German shipowner Olderff Carriers.

According to Trade Wind News, the latest two ships will be delivered in 2026, and the new ships will adopt the latest 82000 deadweight ton bulk carrier design from Shanghai Shipbuilding Design and Research Institute, meeting the requirements of Tier 3 and the third stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). The specific ship price has not been announced, but industry insiders estimate that the current price of a new Kamsarmax bulk carrier with conventional fuel from Chinese shipyards is about 36.5 million US dollars.

As a reference, Clarkson's data shows that the current price for a new construction of a 82000-84000 deadweight ton Kamsarmax bulk carrier is $37.5 million, an increase of 10% compared to $34 million in the same period last year.

Along with the latest orders, Oldendorff currently has up to 12 Kamsarmax bulk carriers ordered by Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, of which 9 were ordered last year and 1 was ordered in 2021. One of these 12 ships will be delivered within this year, four will be delivered in 2025, and the rest will be delivered in 2026.

Olderorff stated that the company has resold some of Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industry's 12 under construction vessels to another company, but refused to disclose the specific number of vessels and buyer identities.

In addition, in 2021 and 2022, Olderorff also ordered 12 Kamsarmax bulk carriers from Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industries, and ultimately sold 6 before delivery. Greek shipowner Laskaridis Maritime is believed to be the buyer of these six new ships, which will be delivered gradually from 2022 to the beginning of this year.

It is understood that Oldendorff is one of the largest dry bulk cargo operators in the world. According to the company's official website, as of April 2022, Olderorff operates approximately 750 self owned and leased ships, with a total load capacity of approximately 65 million tons and an annual cargo transportation volume of approximately 380 million tons.

Excluding the latest orders, Clarkson's data shows that Hantong Shipbuilding Heavy Industries currently holds a total of 51 orders of 5.052 million deadweight tons, including 2 VLCCs, 4 Suezmax tankers, 3 LR2 finished oil tankers, and 42 82000 Kamsarmax bulk carriers, with delivery dates scheduled until 2026.

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