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Guangxi's largest ship export project! China Shipbuilding Guangxi undertakes the construction of bulk cargo ships and begins construction



On April 15th, the groundbreaking ceremony for the 8500DWT bulk cargo ship project, undertaken by China Shipbuilding Group Guangxi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., was held at the Qinzhou Base, marking new progress for the largest export project in the history of Guangxi's shipbuilding industry.

Antonio Scotto Di Santolo, CEO of MANISA, Chen Haibin, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Trading Shanghai (CSTCSH), Luigi Mattera, Director of Greater China at RINA, Arne Magne Vik, CEO of MDC Norway, Zhang Xinlong, General Manager of China Shipbuilding Guangxi, Zeng Lingqiang, Deputy General Manager, and representatives from all parties attended the ceremony to witness the start of construction.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Antonio Scotto Di Santolo, CEO of MANISA, Luigi Mattera, Director of Greater China at RINA, and Zeng Lingqiang, Deputy General Manager of China Shipbuilding Guangxi, delivered speeches.

The 8500DWT bulk cargo ship construction project signed a construction contract on October 19, 2023, including 4 confirmed effective ships, 2 bidirectional selective effective ships, and 2 intended ships. Since the signing of the contract, China Shipbuilding Guangxi has maintained close communication with the shipowner and all parties regarding the start of construction of the first ship, efficiently promoting preliminary work such as design and drawing review, as well as production technology preparation. With the continuous deepening understanding and high-quality exchange and interaction among shipowners and other parties regarding China Shipbuilding Guangxi, MANISA was the first to confirm the construction order for two bidirectional selective ships in January 2024.

This type of ship has a total length of 119.9 meters, a width of 17 meters, a depth of 9.3 meters, a design draft of 6.5 meters, a maximum draft of 7 meters, a design speed of 13.2 knots, and a maximum load capacity of 8500 tons. It is classified by the Italian Classification Society (RINA). Excellent ship design performance and excellent economic performance; Efficient loading and operational performance. Low carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection: Compared with current ships of the same tonnage and type, this type of ship saves about 40% in fuel consumption, reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by about 80%, and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions; Under parking conditions, shore power can be connected to meet electricity demand; Meet Tier III emissions and EEDI Phase 2 requirements.

Zeng Lingqiang stated in his speech that China Shipbuilding Guangxi has 60 years of accumulation and sedimentation, and has delivered over a thousand ship products to customers in its development process. Since the commissioning of the Qinzhou 10000 ton shipbuilding production line, China Shipbuilding Guangxi has continuously made breakthroughs in the design and construction of the three main ship types of "containerized oil" and high-tech and high value-added ship types, fully demonstrating the continuous improvement in production organization, quality and safety control, technological process innovation, brand influence, and other aspects. After the commencement of this project, China Shipbuilding Guangxi will concentrate its advantageous forces to form a capable management team, comprehensively grasp product quality, safety, and progress, ensure timely and high-quality completion of various milestones, and deliver high-quality products to MANISA Company.

It is understood that MANISA CHARTERING SRL is a well-known Italian shipping company that focuses on the shipping and management of bulk cargo ships ranging from 7000 to 15000 tons, with routes covering the Mediterranean, Marmara Sea, and Black Sea. The MANISA fleet currently has 19 ships, accounting for 20% -30% of the same type of operating ships in Europe. To meet the latest environmental regulations and carbon emission requirements, MANISA plans to gradually update existing ships through new shipbuilding methods and enhance the company's overall competitiveness.

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