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JMU delivers the first methanol fuel reserved 12800 TEU container ship


On April 12th, Japan Shipbuilding Union (JMU) Wu delivered the 12800TEU container ship "MAERSK EL PALOMAR" built for Maersk Shipping, which was also JMU's first methanol ready vessel.

This is the first of a series of 5 12800TEU large container ships from Maersk Shipping, owned by a Japanese shipowner and leased to Maersk Shipping. The design of the new ship is suitable for various work areas, ensuring high loading capacity while also requiring energy-saving and environmental protection performance. JMU utilizes its own technology to launch a new ship type that achieves high-level environmental performance, loading performance, and fuel performance.

The MAERSK EL PALOMAR has a total length of 335 meters, a width of 51 meters, a depth of 27.1 meters, a draft of 16 meters, and a total tonnage of 127832 tons. The main engine is a MITSUI-MAN-B&W 7G95ME-C10.5 diesel engine, with a capacity of 30 people. It is classified as a DNV and carries the Singapore flag.

The ship adopts a methanol fuel reserve design and obtains the Fuel ready class symbol of DNV. Through the latest analytical techniques, JMU has developed the optimal ship type that pursues high efficiency, while optimizing the company's unique energy-saving equipment Surf Bulb, ALV Fin, and using Twisted Rupas rudder. As a 12800TEU container ship, it has achieved very high fuel efficiency performance and meets the requirements of the third stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).

In order to meet the increasing demand for refrigerated container transportation in recent years, this type of ship has increased the loading capacity of refrigerated containers, and can carry up to 2500 refrigerated containers. The ship has applied brittle crack propagation suppression technology of ultra-thick high-strength steel plates, which improves safety without affecting loading efficiency. Adopting advanced digital technology to obtain the SMART (EEN) classification symbol for DNV.

At the same time, this type of ship complies with various environmental regulations, is equipped with desulfurization devices, provides a list of harmful substances, has the DNV CLEAR (TIER III) classification symbol, and is also equipped with a shore power system that can shut down diesel generators on board during cargo loading and unloading at the port.

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