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Wuchang Shipbuilding 1100TEU Container Ship 2 has successfully left the factory


On the morning of March 16th at 9:18 am, the 1100TEU container ship No.2, built by China Shipbuilding Group Wuchang Shipbuilding, successfully left the factory and is sprinting towards the delivery target!

Since the beginning of this year, various units have been closely following the annual key tasks, focusing on the management theme of "promoting work through learning, creating value, and striving for excellence". They have always adhered to the "Wuchang Shipbuilding One Chess Game" concept, worked hard and focused, and maintained a fast-paced and efficient working state on the production site, helping to promote the production and construction of various products into the "fast lane" and run out of the "acceleration".

As the second ship of the 1100TEU container ship series, Wuchang Shipbuilding has fully absorbed the construction experience of the first ship, continuously optimized production processes and construction procedures, carried out technological innovation and process advancement, strengthened quality control, and improved construction efficiency. With the goal of ensuring the integrity of the overall shell coating, carry out construction process planning, structural assembly design planning, outfitting structural planning, and rapid loading scheme planning for the overall section. During the construction process, the project team adheres to the concept of "doing it right at once, doing it well at once", and deeply promotes the application of advanced processes and methods such as rapid loading technology, cabin section construction, modular construction of outfitting units, and integrated construction of hatch enclosures, continuously improving the integrity of outfitting at each stage.

During the mooring test period of the 1100TEU container ship No. 2 during the Spring Festival, facing the challenges of tight schedule and heavy tasks, the project team took the initiative to take responsibility, formulated a reasonable overtime plan, led the participating workers to stick to their posts, worked hard, and successfully completed the established work tasks. To ensure the smooth departure of ships, the project team focuses on the integrity of ship departure, with mooring tests and interior decoration projects as the main line, clarifies the task list, formulates a schedule, strengthens production organization, optimizes inspection processes, strengthens process control, quickly handles key and difficult problems, carries out labor competitions, ensures the effective and orderly progress of various work, and helps ships achieve the departure node.

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