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CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering successfully launched the first 7600 square meter LNG refueling ship for Seaspan


On December 27th, Nantong CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering") successfully launched the first 7600 cubic meter LNG refueling ship S1061 built by Canadian shipowner Seaspan ULC (hereinafter referred to as "Seaspan") on the west berth of CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering. The on-site manager of Shipowner Grzegorz Marzec, the project manager of BV, Wang Renwu, and other resident shipowners and ship inspectors, as well as Wang Jianding, the deputy general manager of CIMC Pacific Marine Engineering, and representatives of the project team, witnessed the scene together.

Seaspan is an alliance of multiple Canadian companies, and CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering will build three 7600 cubic meter LNG refueling ship series ships for it. It is expected to deliver the first two ships in 2024 and the third ship in 2025. The first ship launched this time will become Seaspan's first LNG refueling ship on the west coast of North America after its completion and delivery.

This series of ships has a total length of 112.8 meters, a hull width of 18.6 meters, a load capacity of approximately 4500 tons, a designed speed of 13 knots, a Canadian flag, and a classification society of BV. This ship design integrates the latest ship technology, further reducing operational pollution emissions and greenhouse gas emissions, and is equipped with relevant thrusters, which have excellent maneuverability and can be suitable for LNG loading and unloading and refueling services in different situations.

Since the beginning of this year, the international shipbuilding market has shown an overall strengthening trend, and the recovery trend of the shipbuilding market has significantly accelerated. CIMC Pacific Ocean is an international engineering company that focuses on high-end equipment such as liquefied gas ships and liquid cargo systems, LNG fuel tanks, etc. Currently, there are orders in hand for various types of ships such as liquefied gas ships, LNG powered ships, and refueling.

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