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Qidong COSCO's New 600T Gantry Crane Passes Inspection, Ready for Use

Recently, the Qidong COSCO Shipping Marine Engineering No.2 600t-72/193m gantry crane has officially completed on-site special inspection and is about to be put into use. The No. 2 600T gantry crane project was designed by China Shipbuilding Corporation Ninth Institute, contracted by Nantong COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd., and tracked by Qidong COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. throughout the design and construction process.

The new 600T gantry crane is a major investment project approved by Qidong COSCO Shipping and Offshore Engineering in June this year to improve the production efficiency in the dock. On the basis of summarizing the experience of using the original 600T gantry crane, the company has improved the hook drum rope arrangement mechanism, and meticulously planned from technical design, selection of contracting parties, construction plans, and other aspects, striving to achieve safe, high-quality, and rapid completion and operation.

After construction is completed, the new 600T gantry crane will operate on the wrong track and implement joint lifting with the original 600T gantry crane. The minimum joint lifting distance is 19 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity can reach 1000 tons. After being put into operation, it will bring new opportunities for the company's production capacity layout.

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