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The tenth set in Yichang! 712 Institute Newly Signed Yichang Transportation Hybrid Yacht Power System Order

Recently, China Shipbuilding 712 signed a new order for the power system of Yichang Jiaoyun's 80 foot hybrid yacht, which will provide it with key equipment such as core lithium battery systems, shaft driven hybrid systems, AC/DC distribution systems, and motors.

The captain is 80 feet tall and equipped with a lithium battery system of our high safety level, as well as a shaft belt power generation system. The total battery capacity of the ship is 300kWh, and the power of two shaft mounted motors is 80kW. The hybrid power system of this ship is propelled by a diesel engine at high speeds, and the shaft belt engine operates in PTO mode. While providing power to the power grid, it also charges the energy storage battery with low current; When driving at low speeds, adopting pure electric mode can meet zero emission requirements, and the diverse solutions reflect my technical strength and customization level.

This project is the tenth ship power system project undertaken by my city in Yichang, and also the second project I have collaborated with Hubei Three Gorges Tourism Group, demonstrating the recognition and affirmation of the products I have delivered by users.

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