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Wuchang Shipbuilding Successfully Clears Design Review for New 300-ton Fishery Law Enforcement Vessel

Wuchang Shipbuilding Successfully Passes Design Review for New 300-ton Fishery Law Enforcement Vessel

On August 22, Wuchang Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Group, achieved a significant milestone as their newly constructed 300-ton fishery law enforcement vessel successfully cleared the comprehensive layout and interior design evaluation in three dimensions. The evaluation meeting was attended by experts from the Comprehensive Administration Enforcement Detachment of Lianyungang Marine and Fisheries, Wuhan Shipbuilding Design and Research Institute, China Classification Society Industrial, the project's Chief Engineer, and relevant leaders from China Shipbuilding Group Wuchang Shipbuilding.

The 300-ton fishery law enforcement vessel boasts a length of 53 meters, a type width of 7.8 meters, and a type depth of 4 meters. Featuring a deep V-shaped hull, an inclined bow, and a square stern, the vessel is equipped with a full-length deck, dual engines, and dual propellers for straight-line propulsion. The hull is primarily made of steel, while the deckhouse is constructed with aluminum. Once completed, the vessel will represent the nation in exercising fishery administrative law enforcement powers, effectively managing fishery law enforcement in the Lianyungang jurisdictional waters. Additionally, it will meet the requirements for maritime patrol and management tasks in the 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone, as well as provide assistance in fishery accident response.

To ensure the production design of the new 300-ton fishery law enforcement vessel maintains high quality, the shipbuilding company's design institute mobilized professional technicians to enhance the modeling process. Leveraging their extensive experience in producing existing 300-ton fishery law enforcement vessels, the institute conducted comprehensive three-dimensional modeling and layout evaluations for all ship equipment, electrical and cabin fittings, and steel fittings. Furthermore, specific interior design schemes were developed based on equipment layout and functionality in different areas.

Before the formal evaluation, the shipbuilding company's design institute conducted an internal inspection and evaluation of the comprehensive three-dimensional layout and interior design effects. The project department provided valuable input on cabin layout and interior details, while the design institute actively discussed and refined optimization plans. This rigorous iterative process allowed for further improvement of the three-dimensional layout, verifying the rationality and compatibility of design schemes, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction, enhancing the comprehensive layout, and providing crucial technical support for the successful evaluation of the comprehensive three-dimensional layout and interior design effects. These efforts will ultimately contribute to the completion of the production construction task with exceptional quality.

In the subsequent phase, the shipbuilding company will continue to optimize and enhance the design scheme based on suggestions from various parties. Continuous technological and process optimizations will be conducted, and preparations for production technology will be made.

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