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Wuhu Shipyard Welcomes a Wave of Mass Production Milestones in the Third Quarter

This week, Wuhu Shipyard ushered in a batch of major milestones in the third quarter. The construction of the 14,600-ton heavy-duty crane ships 3# and 4# began in bulk, the 3,000-ton oil tanker 1# completed sea trial and left the factory, and the 7,800-ton multi-purpose ship 2# was launched, marking a new peak in the battle for achieving production targets in the second half of the year.


On the morning of August 21st, the construction of the 14,600-ton heavy-duty crane ships 3#-4# for the German shipowner SALshippingUG Shipping Company commenced smoothly at the joint factory.

The design of this ship closely follows the needs of the times, with dual-fuel propulsion configuration, polar ice navigation capability, dual engines, single propeller, two 800-ton heavy-duty cranes, a combined lifting capacity of 1,600 tons, and a high-strength thick plate welded hatch cover on the second deck of the cargo hold. The manufacturing and installation precision requirements are high, and the second deck has the function of filling pressurized ballast water. It also has independent floating compartments to supplement additional ballast water to ensure the stability of the ship.

The series of 14,600-ton heavy-duty crane ships belong to the transformation of Wuchuan's batch production and modular design. The company adopts a ship-type management system with full authority and responsibility, which greatly improves the completeness of ship construction and controls the timeliness of the cycle.

The 3,000-ton oil tanker 1# completed sea trials

On August 25th, the pier was filled with the sound of gongs and drums and firecrackers. After successful river trials, the 3,000-ton oil tanker 1# embarked on its first sea voyage. With the sound of penetrating air horns, it set sail and began its 10-day sea trial. This sea trial focused on more than 20 test items, verifying key systems and technical indicators involving normative certification, such as the main engine composite system, ship operation performance, and cargo-oil supply system. At the same time, internal testing of vibration and noise was carried out on various subsystems and the entire ship.

The sea trial team for this voyage consisted of more than 100 people who had participated in the construction of a 5,000-ton oil tanker. They have rich experience, good coordination, and have formulated a detailed sea trial plan. It is hoped that the sea trial of the 3,000-ton 1# ship will be successful, laying a solid foundation for the delivery work.

The 7,800-ton multi-purpose ship 2# was launched

On August 25th, the 7,802 ship built for Finnish shipowner LANGH SHIP Shipping Company completed all construction work at the shipyard and was successfully launched at 9:58 on the second slipway.

The 7,800-ton multi-purpose ship is Wuhu Shipyard's 5th type (natural gas/fuel oil) dual-fuel ship model. It has a length of 119.9 meters, a width of 16.5 meters, and a depth of 10.4 meters. It uses a low-carbon (natural gas/fuel oil) dual-fuel power system, a single-engine single-propeller propulsion system, a single-rudder system, a single-side thruster, an installation of a single natural gas fuel tank system, a bow wave quay wall, a gantry cargo handling system, 2 multifunctional cargo holds, a detachable hatch cover, and is classified by DNV.

This series of ships is a further practice and construction by the company in the field of dual-fuel (liquefied natural gas/fuel oil) ships. It improves shipbuilding efficiency and matures the green shipbuilding technology for dual-fuel natural gas.

The construction team of the 7,802 ship adhered to the principles of green shipbuilding and efficient production in order to improve the completeness of onboard equipment installation before launching. They worked hard in scorching heat, worked overtime to seize production, overcame rainy weather to catch up with progress, and carried out efficient construction to ensure quality. They made every effort to advance the work in various professional systems such as machinery, piping, electricity, and hull outfitting, achieving the installation and positioning of the cargo hatch cover at the shipyard stage, installation of navigational signal lights, and positioning and fixation of gangways and side windows. The successful construction and launch of ship 7802 has created conditions for the efficient construction of subsequent ship types at the slipway.

Zhang Zhao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, emphasized at the job delegate conference that "all employees are the foundation of Wuchuan's prosperity". All employees should be guided by the spirit of the job delegate conference, work hard and be enterprising, take the completion of tasks as their duty, and aim for efficient delivery. With unity and effort, they should seize production milestones, completing three major milestones in one week, and ushering in a new peak of victory in 2023. The entire Wuchuan team will continue to move forward with a determined and proactive attitude, coordinated pace, and full speed, and will make every effort to ensure the completion of the annual production tasks.

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