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New Yangzi Shipbuilding Delivered the 10th 4600TEU Container Ship of Zhonggu Shipping

On July 20th, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group's subsidiary, New Yangzi Shipbuilding, successfully delivered the 10th 4600TEU container ship "Zhonggu Changsha" to Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics Co., Ltd. The vessel set sail from the shipyard's dock, commencing its operations.

On the day of the delivery, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding and Zhonggu Shipping jointly held a grand naming and online operational ceremony for the new ship. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Lu Zongjun, Chairman of Zhonggu Shipping Group, Mr. Zhou Bin, President of Zhonggu Shipping Group, Mr. Cai Yanxian, Deputy General Manager of China Classification Society (CCS), Mr. Weng Guohua, Assistant President of Ping An Bank Shanghai Free Trade Zone Branch, Ms. Li Yan, the ship's godmother, Mr. Wang Gangyi, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, Mr. Cui Yuwei, Director of Shanghai Norm Research Institute of CCS, Mr. Yang Qi, General Manager of Jiangsu Branch of CCS, Mr. Ren Letian, Chairman of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group, Mr. Du Chengzhong, Vice General Manager of the Group and General Manager of New Yangtze Shipbuilding, Mr. Ding Jianwen, Vice General Manager of the Group, Mr. Zhou Kewei, Vice General Manager of the Group, as well as leaders and guests from various related parties.

On the day of the naming, the delivery ceremony of "Zhonggu Changsha" was successfully completed with the witness of many guests. Mr. Du Chengzhong, Vice General Manager of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group and General Manager of Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, and Mr. Liu Yongjun, Vice President of Zhonggu Shipping, signed the delivery documents on behalf of both parties.

"Zhonggu Changsha" is the last vessel of the 4600TEU container ship series ordered by Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics Co., Ltd. The series has a total length of 228 meters, a beam of 40 meters, a designed draft of 13.75 meters, and can carry 4636 standard containers. The vessel is equipped with features like a shaft generator system, flapping rudders, high-efficiency propellers, and bulbous bows, as well as a high-voltage shore power system. It meets the EEDI requirements with an energy efficiency design index (EEDI) of more than 60% below the baseline, making it green, efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. It has obtained the CCS Green Eco and Green Environmental Protection symbols. This delivery marks the successful completion of all 10 vessels in the project, taking a total of 25 months.

In 2021, Zhonggu Shipping and Yangzijiang Shipbuilding actively implemented national strategies such as "dual circulation," "bulk-to-container conversion," and "carbon neutrality," optimizing China's shipping capacity structure and promoting energy-saving and emission reduction in the shipping industry. They cooperated to carry out the project of building 10 4600TEU container ships. The total contract amount of the project was nearly 2.5 billion RMB, making it the largest domestic container ship order in the history of Yangtze River Shipbuilding Group. Yangtze River Shipbuilding adhered to the principles of prioritizing quality and ensuring efficiency, and with the concerted efforts of maritime authorities, classification societies, design institutes, banks, shipowner supervision teams, and shipyard employees, they successfully faced challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, historic high temperatures, and power limitations. All 10 vessels were delivered ahead of schedule, with a total of 193 days in advance.

With the successful naming and delivery of "Zhonggu Changsha," Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group perfectly concludes the construction project of 10 4600TEU container newbuildings for Zhonggu Shipping since May 2021.

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding expresses its expectation to join hands with Zhonggu Shipping to take advantage of the favorable situation and excellent environment for revitalizing China's logistics industry, working together to build more ships, engage in win-win cooperation in broader areas, and respond to the new trends of intelligent shipping development, such as platformization, three-dimensionalization, digitization, and mobility, contributing continuously to the development of China's shipping industry.

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