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Wuhu Ping An Rubber Customized Anti-collision Fender Products Passed the Owner's Acceptance

A few days ago, the anti-collision fender products customized by Wuhu Ping An Rubber Group for a large domestic shipyard successfully passed the owner's acceptance. After testing, the product quality fully meets and exceeds the design standards and requirements, and is highly appreciated by the owner.

Wuhu Pingan Rubber Group is a company experienced in the production and sales of various rubber and polyurethane products such as marine rubber fenders, engineering rubber fenders, and polyurethane fenders. The company's products are widely used in ships, docks, automobiles, water conservancy, bridges, etc. Engineering facilities. The products cover the coastal areas of the country, cities along the river and overseas regions. The group's high-end PU rubber products have even won orders from international yacht companies. The group has successively obtained various international quality standard certificates, has a complete set of design, production, installation and after-sales service system, and maintains close cooperative relations with Fujian Mawei Shipyard, Guangzhou CSSC Huangpu, Wuchuan and other large domestic shipyards At the same time, it has provided military products and supporting support services for the navy's 4808 factory, 4806 factory, 4810 factory, army 7811 factory, air force 5720 factory and other military units for a long time, including 3200HP, 5000HP, and a complete set of products such as 14000HP for "ultra-large ships". All products have ship inspection and military inspection certificates.

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