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Types And Characteristics Of Rubber Fenders

Rubber fender is an energy buffer device used in port terminals or ships to slow down the impact or shock between ships and terminals or ships and ships when berthing or mooring, so that ships and terminals are protected from damage.

Rubber fenders are widely used in Japan, Europe, America and Southeast Asia because of their good elasticity, high energy absorption, convenient maintenance, long service life and easy mass production. Rubber fenders can not only protect ships and quays, but also reduce the horizontal load on the quay, improve the berthing capacity of the quay, make the new quay lighter and reduce the cost. Rubber fenders are available in a wide range of sizes. Regular size products can easily choose matching vulcanization equipment, but the investment in large vulcanization equipment required for oversized products is too high, especially when the product batch is small, it is not cost-effective to invest in large vulcanization equipment.

Floating rubber fender is a new type of fender equipment, compared with solid rubber fender, its main features are: large compression deformation, large energy absorption, small reaction force, self-floating, easy to install, etc.. It is usually used in ship to ship, ship to wharf barging and docking, etc. It is also especially suitable for installation in wharf where the tide level changes a lot due to its self-floating feature. Filled marine rubber fenders are especially suitable for applications in harsh environments, such as offshore drilling platforms, due to their maintenance-free and long-life advantages.

1) Cylindrical rubber fender

Low reaction force, small surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption; strong adaptability to ship transverse and longitudinal shaking when berthing; not affected by the size of the ship, easy to install and maintain, especially suitable for old docks.

2)Semi-circular type (D type) rubber fender

The reaction force is moderate and the energy absorption is higher than that of cylindrical type; it is easier to install; because of the small size of the bottom width, it is especially suitable for frame type quay and ship side installation.

3)DO type rubber fender

The reaction energy absorption is higher than D type fender; the installation strength and service life are greatly improved than D type fender; it is suitable for frame type dock.

4)DA type rubber fender

It has the characteristics of high energy absorption and low reaction force; the products have higher stress dispersion and long service life; the front end is set up with defensive plate to reduce the surface pressure; complete specifications and various installation methods; easy to replace.

5)Drum type rubber fender

Low reaction force, high energy absorption; surface pressure below 25 tons / m 2; small reduction in the mechanical properties of tilt compression.

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