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D Type Rubber Fender Formula Design And The Relationship Between Vulcanization Properties

High fixed tensile strength that is high hardness of rubber commonly used natural rubber, neoprene, butyl propylene rubber and other manufacturing

A large number of fillers, especially talc can greatly improve the hardness. However, this will reduce the tensile strength, so if the switch to channel black, high wear carbon black, white carbon black, etc., and a large number of accelerators vulcanized to increase the cross-link density, it will get good results. To increase the elongation strength, no softeners are used, or they can be used with thermosetting resins such as phenolic and styrene resins. The addition of alkaline substances and a small amount of glycerine is beneficial to increase the hardness of the vulcanised rubber. Conversely, soft rubbers with low tensile strength can be made from natural rubber and butyl rubber. As the cost of blended rubber is increased by reducing the amount of filler used and using low sulphur matching methods, and the strength is reduced, low tensile blended rubber can be filled with vitrified clay, heavy calcium carbonate, hot black, and, in addition, vulcanising grease can be applied as appropriate.

Manufacturing high elasticity

D type marine rubber fenders should refer to the following points: 1) use the most elastic natural butadiene rubber; 2) reduce the use of reinforcing agent; 3) appropriately increase the use of vulcanizing agent and super accelerator; 4) reduce the softener and plasticizer, but the vulcanization crosslinking density should not be too large.

Tensile strength and elongation

High tensile strength formulations using natural rubber, neoprene, neo-convertible polyethylene rubber and other crystalline rubber. The rubber content can reach about 60%. In addition, choose excellent reinforcing fillers such as carbon black and silica, which are evenly dispersed. When using non-crystalline rubber, please pay attention to increase the amount of reinforcing agent used and adopt a vulcanising system with uniform dispersion and fast vulcanising speed.

The above is the introduction of the relationship between D-type rubber fender formula design and vulcanisation materiality, thanks for reading.

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