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Two large ships built together in the dock! Shanghai East China welcomes double happiness in one day

On the morning of April 16th, the first 174000 square meter LNG transport ship (H1908A) of China National LNG Phase III project of COSCO Shipping and PetroChina was successfully docked at the No.1 shipyard of Zhonghua Changxing Shipbuilding in Shanghai, marking the official start of a new phase of dock construction for the ship. On the same day at the same dock, Hudong Zhonghua held a launch ceremony for the first ship (H1904A) of the 23000TEU dual fuel tank ship reconstruction project built for the French Dafei Group, with fuel tank loading in the dock.

H1908A Docking Ceremony

Dong Liang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of COSCO Shipping Oil Transportation Co., Ltd., Wu Hongbing, Technical Director of Shanghai COSCO Shipping Liquefied Natural Gas Investment Co., Ltd., Yan Min, Deputy General Manager of Operations Department, guests from Lloyd's Register of Shipping, guests from China Classification Society, and He Jianghua, Chief Constructor of Shanghai East China LNG Ship, led guests to attend the docking ceremony.

H1908A is independently developed and designed by Hudong Zhonghua, with full intellectual property rights. The total length of the ship is 295 meters, the width is 45 meters, the depth is 26.25 meters, and the speed is 19.5 knots. The COSCO Shipping and PetroChina State LNG project, which was initially built by the company, has delivered 4 ships and received high praise from the shipowners for its high-quality construction.

Launching ceremony for loading in H1904A fuel tank dock

Nikolai, Deputy Manager of DaFei's on-site team, Cheng Long, Resident Surveyor of French Classification Society, and Liu Xuedong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Hudong Zhonghua Changxing Shipbuilding, and other leaders and guests attended the launch ceremony.

H1904A has a total length of 399.9 meters, a molded width of 61.3 meters, a cargo hold depth of 33.5 meters, and a deck area of 23978 square meters. This type of ship can hold 23872TEU containers at once, and can carry 2200 standard refrigerated containers. The maximum number of stacking layers is 24, equivalent to a height of 22 floors, making it a true "giant" at sea.

Currently, Shanghai East China is implementing the construction strategy of "lean production to improve efficiency, optimized management to strengthen quality", promoting the doubling and acceleration of production capacity. At the same time, 16 LNG ships and 7 container ships are under construction, forming a good trend of simultaneous construction of large LNG ships and large ultra large container ships.

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