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Modern Sanhu Heavy Industry Delivers Alpha Gas's Third 174000 cubic meter LNG Ship


On March 5th, Hyundai Sanhu Heavy Industries of South Korea delivered the latest 174000 cubic meter LNG ship "Energy Fortitude" built for Greek ship management company Alpha Gas,

This is the last of three LNG ships of the same type ordered by Alpha Gas at Modern Sanhu Heavy Industry, and also the third LNG ship to join the company's fleet equipped with X-DF dual fuel engines. The ship was launched in July 2023 and has signed a long-term lease agreement with a Far East charter company.

This type of ship has a total length of 289.9 meters, a width of 46.1 meters, and a depth of 26.3 meters. It is equipped with an air lubrication system, two shaft generators, and air resistance barriers. In particular, it is equipped with an LNG re liquefaction system, which can re liquefy the evaporated gas generated during the transportation of LNG, further improving the economy of LNG transportation.

Previously, Modern Sanhu Heavy Industry had delivered the first series of ships, the Energy Fidelity, in April 2023, which had signed a time charter agreement with an Asian shipping company. The second ship of the same series, Energy Energy, was also delivered and put into operation in January 2024.

It is understood that Alpha Gas is a professional LNG ship management and operation company established in Greece in 2012. In 2020, the company received its first 174000 cubic meter LNG ship from Daewoo Shipbuilding (now Hanhua Ocean) in South Korea, and in 2021, it also received three more LNG ships from Daewoo Shipbuilding. In addition to the Energy Fidelity, Energy Duration, and Energy Fortitude already delivered by Modern Sanhu Heavy Industry, the company currently operates a total of 8 LNG ships.

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