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The largest in South China! Huangpu Wenchong regains another order for Greek shipowner LPG ships


Huangpu Wenchong has recently won the construction contract for the third 48000 cubic meter LPG ship from Greek shipowner Benelux Overseas.

According to trade news, Benelux Overseas has announced the execution of alternative orders in Huangpu Wenchong, with new ships planned to be delivered in the first half of 2027, while the first two ships ordered in December last year will be delivered from the end of 2026 to the beginning of 2027.

On December 5, 2023, on the first day of the China International Maritime Exhibition, Huangpu Wenchong and Benelux Overseas signed a 2+1 contract for the construction of 48000 cubic meters of LPG ships. This was the first cooperation between Huangpu Wenchong and Benelux, marking a breakthrough in Huangpu Wenchong's design and construction capabilities for liquefied gas ships in the field of medium-sized gas ships.

This ship type is the Super-MGC ship type developed by the liquefied gas team of Shanghai Shipyard based on comprehensive consideration of the needs of MGC shipowners, with a total length of 190 meters, a width of 32.2 meters, and a depth of 19 meters; Three independent fully cooled A-type liquid tanks are arranged in the cargo hold of the entire ship, constructed with low-temperature carbon manganese steel, with a total tank capacity of 48000 cubic meters; In addition to being able to load various petrochemical products such as LPG and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), it also meets the needs of loading liquid ammonia and exchanging goods for transportation. This ship type design can effectively save cabin capacity and significantly improve ship economic performance, which has been favored by customers.

It is understood that Benelux Overseas, a Greek company, is a private enterprise established in 1997. The order from Huangpu Wenchong marks the first time the company has ordered an LPG ship from a Chinese shipyard. Currently, the company has 2 50000 deadweight ton finished oil/chemical ships and 7 LPG ships, all of which are built by Japanese and Korean shipyards.

It is worth mentioning that Benelux Overseas's order is also the largest gas ship project undertaken in the history of southern China. It not only fills the historical gap in the construction of medium-sized gas ships in southern China, but also consolidates Huangpu Wenchong's technological leadership in the field of small and medium-sized high value-added ship products, further focusing on green and environmentally friendly ship types, and enhancing the construction strength of high-tech and high value-added ship products, And lay a solid foundation for competing with Japanese and Korean shipyards for more market share in the global high-end gas ship product field in the future.

According to Clarkson's data, so far, there are 87 orders of 3.11 million deadweight tons in Huangpu Wenchong, including 49 container ships, 14 bulk carriers, 12 multi-purpose ships, 7 tugs, 2 offshore factory ship and 3 other ships. The delivery date is 2027.

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