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Jianglong Boat undertakes the construction of a 128 meter cultural and tourism boat in Wuhu City, welcoming the auspicious waters


Recently, the 128 meter cultural and tourism ship "Wanjiang Pearl" built by Jianglong Boat (stock code: 300589) at the Wuhu Binjiang Tourism Terminal welcomed the auspicious water. This ship is currently the largest scale product built by Jianglong Shipbuilding, and will become the longest, largest, and most representative tourist landmark on the Yangtze River waterway in the future, helping to promote the high-quality development of local tourism industry.

Officials from Wuhu Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Wuhu Port and Shipping (Local Maritime) Management Service Center, Wuhu Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., China Classification Society Zhuhai Branch, Shanghai Shuangxi Maritime Development Co., Ltd., and Jianglong Shipbuilding attended the Jishui ceremony.

The person in charge of Jianglong Shipbuilding expressed gratitude to the client, supervision unit, Zhuhai Branch of China Classification Society, and other parties for their hard work and dedication in the construction process of the ship during their speech. He stated that as the largest scale product of Jianglong Shipbuilding, the ship embodies the wisdom and sweat of all employees of Jianglong Shipbuilding, showcasing the company's spirit of integrity, professionalism, innovation, and progress. Jianglong Shipbuilding will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of achieving customers and building a brand, complete the subsequent construction work of the ship with high standards and quality, and contribute to the development of cultural and tourism in Anhui and Guangdong.

The relevant person in charge of Wuhu Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. stated that the barge is of milestone significance in promoting the upgrading of water tourism in Wuhu and the rapid development of Wuhu's tourism industry. They hope that Jianglong Boat can leverage the construction strength of its high-performance boat brand, carefully organize and carry out construction, and turn the boat into a boutique project in Wuhu.

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