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Add three more ships! VARD received an order for Norwind debugging service operation ship


Recently, Norwind Offshore announced a partnership with Navigarae Capital Partners to add 1+2 offshore wind farm commissioning service operation vessels (CSOVs) to the Norwegian VARD shipyard. This is also the fifth vessel signed between the two parties since 2021.

The new ship will adopt the VARD 4-19 design, jointly developed by VARD Design and Norwind. The ship is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2026, and the hull will be built by VARD's Braila shipyard in Romania and completed by VARD's shipyard in Norway.

Since October 2021, including the latest order, Norwind Offshore has ordered 5 CSOVs in VARD. In addition, the company previously converted a platform supply vessel (PSV) into a service operation vessel (SOV).

It is reported that this series of VARD 419 ships is a comprehensive platform for sustainable offshore wind farm operation, focusing on onboard logistics, safety, comfort, and excellent operability. The new ship has a captain of 85 meters and a width of 19.5 meters. It is equipped with a height adjustable motion compensation gangway and a Seaonics lifting system, which can accommodate 87 people. This type of ship is also equipped with a new type of propeller and thruster from Kongsburg, and a 7-ton 3D compensation crane from Seaonics with fully electric and electrically controlled motion compensation (ECMC).

Among them, the first CSOV "Norwind Gale" built by VARD for Norwind Offshore has been in operation for over six months, and the next three ships are scheduled to be delivered in 2024. The second ship is scheduled to be delivered by Vard Brattv å g shipyard in March, the third ship is scheduled to be delivered from VARD Vietnam's Touton shipyard in August, and the third ship is scheduled to be delivered from Vard Brattv å g shipyard in November.

Svein Leon Aure, CEO of Norwind Offshore, said, "We are pleased to sign new orders with VARD and continue to grow. In the past two years, we have found VARD to be very reliable in terms of delivery time and quality, and we look forward to obtaining another state-of-the-art vessel from the shipyard."

It is understood that Norwind Offshore was jointly established by Norwegian companies Farstad, Volstad, and Kleven, with the goal of providing specially designed advanced work vessels for the development and service of offshore wind power departments. In May 2022, Norwind Offshore welcomed a new shareholder - Navigarae Capital Partners, a Danish investment fund specializing in maritime asset investment.

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