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Sanfu Ship's first 1300TEU methanol dual fuel container ship has its shipway closed


On the morning of January 2, 2024, Sanfu Shipbuilding held a closing ceremony for the first 1300TEU dual fuel (methanol) container ship built by Norwegian shipowners on the 2 # slipway. Representatives from the shipowner, DNV classification society, and Sanfu Shipbuilding attended the closing ceremony.

This ship has a total length of 149.95 meters, a length of 147.25 meters between the vertical lines, a molded width of 26.80 meters, a molded depth of 14.6 meters, a designed draft of 8.00 meters, a maximum load capacity of 18700 tons, a designed speed of 18 knots, and is registered with DNV classification society.

The ship is developed and designed by Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute, with high-grade one person bridge buildings "NUAT (AW)" and "Recyclable" classification symbols. It will mainly serve the coastal areas of the North Sea and Norway. With the help of green methanol factories on the route, a "green corridor" will be established in Nordic Europe to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire lifecycle and operating area; The EEDI energy efficiency index of the ship fully meets the requirements of the third stage.

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