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Milestones! China Merchants Nanyou MR POOL Successfully Received 3 Oil Tankers


Since the establishment of China's first MR finished oil tanker joint venture fleet by China Merchants South Oil Corporation, it has gained the favor of market shipowners with its unique operational advantages and business model. After the establishment, it was immediately signed and joined by its partner, China Bank Financial Leasing. Recently, three MR oil tankers leased by Bank of China have been successfully handed over and put into operation, marking the substantial operation of China Merchants Nanyou MR POOL.

Faced with complex external situations and heavy handover tasks, the Singapore company affiliated with China Merchants South Oil closely tracks the market situation and regional changes in the eastern and western hemispheres, actively communicates and negotiates with partners, coordinates market characteristics, ship location and other factors, and formulates targeted and actionable business plans. In order to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of ships, the company fully utilized the operational advantages of the Middle East station and deployed the CL Zhaoge (Chaoge) ship in the Persian Gulf in advance. Despite the sharp fluctuations in the Middle East market, the company successfully secured high-yield cargo sources on long African routes, achieved efficient operation connections, and won full recognition from its partners.

Moving towards innovation, NJTC MR POOL is different from traditional shipping business models in that it aims to integrate market capacity, adopt fleet scale management, rely on a professional management team, a high standard freight quality management system, a strong customer cooperation foundation, and a mature marketing network to achieve the maximum scale effect and commercial value of fleet management. In the future, China Merchants South Oil will continue to strengthen the construction of the MR POOL platform, absorb more high-quality market transportation capacity, vigorously expand the two major market networks east and west of Suez, provide customers with more intensive and efficient transportation services, and bring higher operating income to shipowners participating in the joint venture pool.

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