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Samsung Heavy Industries Delivers the Seventh 13100TEU Container Ship from Wanhai Shipping


On January 16th, Samsung Heavy Industries of South Korea delivered the named delivery of the 13100TEU container ship "WAN HAI A13" built for Wanhai Shipping.

The naming ceremony of "Hanchun Wheel" invited Ren Enxi, the assistant manager of the vehicle component transportation department of LX Pantos in South Korea, to appoint a celebrity to offer the new ship the best wishes of smooth sailing, safe navigation, and abundant and full load. The ceremony was successfully completed in the presence of distinguished guests on site. On the same afternoon, the ship was delivered and departed for Shanghai Port to operate the Wanhai Shipping Asia North America East Coast route, providing customers with safe and high-quality transportation services.

It is understood that from 2021 to 2022, Wanhai Shipping signed contracts with Samsung Heavy Industry for the construction of 13 13100TEU class container ships. This is the seventh of them, and there are still 6 ships in the same series to be delivered. This series of ships has a total length of 335 meters, a width of 51 meters, a maximum draft of 16 meters, and a designed speed of up to 22 knots. The new ship adopts an environmentally friendly and energy-saving design, including the use of a new main engine, equipped with a fully balanced twisted spherical rudder, and a pre swirl device in front of the propeller, which helps reduce resistance during navigation and achieve energy-saving and fuel saving effects. In addition, this type of ship has already met the highest standards of the third stage of the Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) in advance, reducing carbon emissions and in line with the trend of green shipping.

In terms of navigation safety, this series of ships have obtained Smart Ship Notation certification. Through the establishment of an intelligent ship system, various monitoring systems and communication equipment are used to collect ship navigation data and equipment operation status, which helps to understand the ship's status in a timely manner and strengthen ship safety management.

According to the plan, following the "Hanchun" ship, Wanhai Shipping will also receive 4 13100TEU and 8 3055TEU container ships in 2024. At the same time, old ships will be gradually phased out and high priced charters will be terminated to further expand the fleet size and enhance its competitiveness.

In addition, the 20350 newly built containers previously purchased by Wanhai Airlines will also be put into the market in the near future, which will effectively alleviate the current shortage of empty containers in the Asian market.

The current demand for North American routes with new capacity at Wanhai is improving, and the tight capacity has led to a continuous surge in freight rates. Investing more new ship capacity during the market's upward period will also help Wanhai's performance growth.

In the first three quarters of last year, Wanhai Airlines achieved a revenue of NT $75.08 billion (approximately RMB 17.015 billion) and a net loss of NT $1.92 billion (approximately RMB 435 million). Wanhai Airlines stated at the time that due to the still challenging economic outlook, it would streamline costs and ensure operational efficiency.

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