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Qingdao Shipyard builds Shandong Ocean Group's deep-sea large-scale intelligent aquaculture net cage for unloading


On January 9th, the "Deep Blue 2" deep-sea large-scale intelligent breeding net cage built by Qingdao Shipyard for Shandong Ocean Group was successfully unloaded.

The "Deep Blue 2" net cage is invested and constructed by Shandong Yuanyuanhai Green Aquaculture Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shandong Ocean Group. The total height of the net cage is 71.5 meters, with a diameter of 70 meters. The fully submerged design of the aquaculture water body reaches 90000 cubic meters. It is currently the largest and most advanced large-scale deep sea aquaculture net cage equipment in China, with the farthest application sea area, the deepest applicable water depth, the largest aquaculture water body, and the most advanced functional performance. This aquaculture net cage will gradually achieve unmanned aquaculture in deep and distant waters by equipped with intelligent aquaculture equipment such as automatic feeding system, hydrological and water quality meteorological measurement system, underwater imaging system, underwater light supplement system, and biomass monitoring system, setting a precedent for deep and distant sea salmon aquaculture in China.

The smooth undocking of the "Deep Blue 2" net cage means that the land work of the project has been completed and is about to enter the towing and installation phase. It is expected to be put into use in March this year, which will open the prelude to intelligent aquaculture in the deep sea.

It is understood that Shandong Yuanyuanhai Green Breeding Co., Ltd. was established in June 2021 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. As a subsidiary of Shandong Yuanyuanhai Development Co., Ltd., it is positioned as the operation and management platform of Qingdao National Deep and Far Sea Green Breeding Pilot Zone and actively promotes the construction of pilot zone projects. The company signed a contract with Qingdao Shipyard in December 2022 for the construction of the "Deep Blue 2" deep-sea large-scale intelligent network cage EPCIC project, with a price of 85.968 million yuan.

The breeding density of this platform is 20kg/m3, and the designed breeding water body is not less than 75000 m3. The service life is not less than 30 years and it is classified by China Classification Society. The safety design indicators must meet the requirements of the classification society, the equipment configuration must meet the automation requirements of daily production operations, and comply with CCS specifications and relevant conventions and regulations. Specially designed and constructed for the Yellow Sea area in China, this aquaculture net cage is a deep-sea and deep-sea aquaculture heavy vessel developed based on modern green concepts. The net cage is planned to be placed in the Qingdao National Deep and Far Sea Green Aquaculture Experimental Zone in the South Yellow Sea area of China. It is mainly used for the aquaculture of salmon and trout, and technical support is provided by the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of Southern Ocean Science and Engineering.

The central comprehensive management platform of this intelligent cage can perform remote centralized monitoring and control, feed storage, personnel living, testing, and data analysis. After the completion of the project, not only will it provide pollution-free and high-quality salmon and trout fish to the public, but it will also bring rich economic value to the breeders due to its energy-saving, intelligent, and automated farming methods.

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