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Aolong Boat undertakes the construction of a 30 meter aluminum alloy luxury single body high-speed passenger ship and holds a keel laying ceremony


Recently, a 30 meter aluminum alloy luxury single hull high-speed passenger ship, one of the Zhuhai Jiuzhou Blue Trunk Line Three Island Intercity Transportation Ships, constructed by the subsidiary of Jianglong Shipbuilding, Aolong Shipbuilding, held a keel laying ceremony. This series of ships will further promote the development of marine transportation, marine tourism, marine fisheries, and marine equipment in Zhuhai, and assist in the high-quality development of the marine island economy in Zhuhai.

Li Jianbin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zhuhai Jiuzhou Blue Travel Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Wang Jiaxin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, and Chairman of Aolong Shipbuilding, Feng Jian, Chairman and General Manager of Zhuhai Jiuzhou Blue Trunk Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Liu Hao, Director of Wuhan Yangtze River Shipbuilding Design Institute, Yan Zhiqing, Chairman of Jianglong Shipbuilding, and Wang Guangrong, General Manager of Aolong Shipbuilding attended the ceremony.

The ship is made of all aluminum alloy structure, with a total length of 32.40 meters, a molded width of 7.20 meters, a molded depth of 3.5 meters, and a designed speed of 25 knots. The appearance adopts a streamlined hull that tilts towards the bow, matched with its unique flow window shape, and the transparent glass curtain wall achieves internal space lighting and shadow effects. In the future, it will mainly be used for high-end business receptions and tourism charter ships from Jiuzhou Port to Changqin Island, Dong'ao Island, Guishan Island, and other areas.

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