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A good start! CIMC Pacific Marine Engineering's 40000 square meter LPG ship Type A tank has started construction smoothly


On the morning of February 26th, Nantong CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as "CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering") held a steel plate cutting ceremony for the 40000 cubic meter LPG/liquid ammonia transport ship Type A tank built for Avance Gas in the western hull workshop. The representative of the shipowner stationed at the factory, Zhang Yong, the LR project manager stationed at the factory, Zhao Wu, and the deputy general manager of the company's shipbuilding business unit, Chen Bin, and project team members jointly witnessed the ceremony. The four medium-sized liquefied gas (MGC) ships built this time are the first A-type cargo hold ship construction order of CIMC Pacific Marine Engineering, marking a further breakthrough in the company's design and construction capabilities for small and medium-sized liquefied gas ships.

As a new generation of MGC transport ships, this series of ships is based on the design concept of "green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly", using MAN green and environmentally friendly dual fuel engines, with a designed speed of 16 knots and internationally leading speed and fuel consumption indicators. It is a clean energy LPG transport ship that meets the latest emission requirements and is classified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) in the United Kingdom.

The A-type tanks under construction this time are three IMO Type A independent fully cooled cargo tanks configured on board. The liquid tanks on the ship are constructed of low-temperature carbon manganese steel, with a total tank capacity of 40000 cubic meters, meeting the material requirements for loading liquid ammonia. This can effectively save tank capacity, improve the economic performance of the ship, and reduce operational pollution emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. It is reported that the first ship of this series will start construction in May this year.

Based on rich experience in independent ship design and construction, as well as excellent project management skills, CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering has been deeply cultivating the construction capabilities of small and medium-sized liquefied gas transport ships and refueling ships in the entire spectrum for many years. Currently, its products cover various liquefied gas transport ships such as LPG, ethane, ethylene, LNG, and liquid ammonia. The expansion of the MGC dual fuel ship model effectively supports the company's "strong chain, supplementary chain, and extended chain" efforts, Filling the gap in the product sequence of A-type liquefied gas carriers and achieving various new breakthroughs. In the future, while achieving high-quality development, CIMC Pacific Ocean Engineering will continue to make positive contributions to improving the safety and economy of global zero energy transportation, and meeting future industry development needs.

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