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The 80 meter LNG refueling barge of Xinneng Shipbuilding Industry has completed the first lifting operation of the upper cabin on the first floor


On February 23rd, Shandong Xinneng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. completed the first lifting operation of the upper cabin on the first floor of an 80 meter LNG refueling barge. The upper cabin lifting, as the final part of the 80 meter barge's hull, will enter the internal construction phase of the mechanical management and electrical system after the lifting is completed. This means that the 80 meter pontoon has entered the later stage of hull construction.

Under the sound of a "falling" horn in the walkie talkie of the assembly workshop staff, the first upper building PO1C slowly landed at the designated position on the main deck and successfully completed the lifting. It is reported that this P01C weighs 9.245 tons and is located on the first floor of the main deck building, with a ship wide control center inside. In terms of construction technology, the upper section adopts the reverse construction method, that is, before the lower platform, the upper cabin roof is in contact with the tire frame for welding operations in the subsequent process. After welding is completed, it is sprayed by the painting workshop and transported to the shipway for flipping and lifting.

The welding of the lifting lug position is the key to the successful flipping and lifting of the first lifted upper section due to uneven weight distribution. In order to ensure the accuracy of the lifting lug position, the assembly workshop and the technical department have conducted multiple calculations and discussions to confirm that the welding position of the lifting lug meets the requirements of the flipping operation.

The successful hoisting on the first floor marks a new journey in the production and construction of an 80 meter LNG refueling barge. In the next step, New Energy Shipbuilding will continue to make unremitting efforts and make every effort to ensure the launch date of March 12th. Promote the upgrading of inland waterway vessels.

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