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Yangzhou Jinling Names the Second 25,000-Ton Duplex Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker for CMB

On September 12th, Yangzhou Jinling held a naming ceremony for the second 25,000-ton duplex stainless steel chemical ship built for Belgian shipowner CMB. The ceremony was attended by the shipowner CEO Alexander Saverys, CFO Ludovic Saverys, CCO Van Eecke Maxime, CSO Timmermans Benoit, ABS Senior Vice President Eric Kleess, Odelys Design Company, CITIC Securities Finance Leasing, and leaders and guests from all walks of life, witnessing the naming of the new ship.

At the ceremony, Ms. Buysschaert Laetitia, the godmother, named the 2nd 25,000-ton duplex stainless steel chemical ship "BOCHEM ROTTERDAM". She cut the champagne mooring line, symbolizing happiness and auspiciousness, and blessed the safe navigation of the ship to bring happiness and prosperity to the shipowner and all who sail together.

Fang Yunhu expressed heartfelt thanks to all the participants in the ceremony. He said that the achievements of Yangzhou Jinling are inseparable from the strong support of the shipowner and the classification society. After the successful delivery of the first ship, Yangzhou Jinling's confidence has greatly increased, and it is destined to achieve the trial voyage and delivery goal in October.

Alexander Saverys visited the ship twice and was very impressed with the overall impression of the ship. At the ceremony, he thanked Yangzhou Jinling and all personnel for their hard work and efforts, and spoke highly of the construction quality of Yangzhou Jinling.

Eric Kleess congratulated Yangzhou Jinling and CMB and expressed his gratitude for both parties' choice to register with ABS. He pointed out that the successful construction of this ship is the result of the joint efforts of the shipyard, the shipowner's superintendent, and the ship classification society inspector, and it is also a sign of friendly cooperation and good communication among all parties.

The ship is a single-unit single-screw double-shell stainless steel chemical ship with a total length of 158.98 meters and a type width of 27 meters. It is mainly used for transportation of finished oil, vegetable oil, and IMO-II & III class chemicals. It is equipped with 9 pairs of bidirectional stainless steel cargo holds and 1 pair of bidirectional stainless steel slurry tanks. Each hold is equipped with a hydraulic deepwell pump, which can load cargo with a temperature of 91°C and a specific gravity not exceeding 1.85 t/m3. The maximum loading rate is 3200 m3/h, and the maximum unloading rate is 1780 m3/h. It is equipped with 1 MAN 5S50ME-C9.7 main engine with a rated power of 4734KW and an efficient propeller and flap rudder. The design speed is 14 knots, and the EEDI meets the requirements of Stage 3. The main engine and generator set are equipped with SCR system, and the emissions meet the requirements of IMO Tier III.

Personnel from the shipowner company, on-site superintendent, ABS classification society, design institute, CITIC Securities Finance Leasing, Yangzhou Jinling, and other units participated in the event.


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