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Xinyuan Shipbuilding launches the first batch of 330PCC inland river commercial vehicle roll on/roll off ships in Anhui province


On May 11th, the commencement ceremony of the 330PCC inland commercial vehicle roll on/roll off ship construction project was held at Wuhu Xinyuan Shipbuilding and Repair Co., Ltd. The smooth implementation of this project marks the continuous extension and improvement of the water transportation industry chain in Anhui Province, providing a solid guarantee for the transportation of commodity vehicles in Anhui Province. It is of great significance to further accelerate the development of the primary industry and build a collection and distribution system for automobile export supply chain and logistics chain.

The 330PCC inland river commercial vehicle roll on/roll off ship is a new ship type tailored to address the growing automobile production and insufficient waterway roll on/roll off transportation capacity in Anhui Province. It mainly navigates the route from Hefei, Anhui to Shanghai (Taicang), balancing the transportation of fuel commercial vehicles and new energy commercial vehicles. It considers both the navigation conditions of the Heyu Line waterway and the compatibility of the roll on/roll off terminals in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This type of ship has a total length of 90 meters, a width of 17.8 meters, a depth of 3.55 meters, and a maximum cargo capacity of 330 vehicles.

The construction of 330PCC inland commercial vehicle roll on/roll off ships is an important measure for the water transportation industry to implement the Anhui Provincial Party Committee and Government's policy of "serving the province's top industry and guiding provincial enterprises to participate in the construction of modern logistics industry system". It is also a vivid practice for the Wanjiang Ship Inspection Bureau to firmly establish an open awareness of "developing towards the sea and borrowing ships to go abroad".

Next, under the strong leadership of the Anhui Provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Maritime Center, the Wanjiang Shipyard Inspection Bureau will focus on the construction of this batch of roll on/roll off ships, focus on new quality productivity, strengthen technological research and development, strengthen technological leadership, and continue to provide the highest quality drawing review and on-site inspection services, ensuring quality control and creating high-quality projects. Deepen communication and cooperation with provincial port and shipping logistics companies and Wuhu Xinyuan Shipbuilding Industry, jointly promote high-quality development, and work together to assist Anhui Freight Anhui Transport and Anhui Ship Anhui Inspection!

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