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Wuchang Shipbuilding builds 1100TEU container ship for CA SHIPPING and launches Ship 4


On April 3rd, the 1100TEU container ship No. 4, built by China Shipbuilding Group Wuchang Shipbuilding, was successfully launched, marking the completion of the shipyard construction work for all 1100TEU container ships built by Wuchang Shipbuilding for CA SHIPPING.

This ship is the last of four 1100TEU container series ships built by Wuchang Shipbuilding for CA SHIPPING (a joint venture between China Shipbuilding Leasing and Asia Shipping), and is the concluding work of this series of ships. At present, the first ship of this type has been successfully delivered, the second ship is in the sea trial stage, and the third ship is in the mooring trial stage.

Wuchang Shipbuilding focuses on the management theme of "promoting innovation through learning, creating value, and striving for excellence", adhering to high starting points, high standards, and high quality, lean planning, fully leveraging the advantages of mass construction, continuously summarizing and optimizing construction experience, and promoting project node construction with high quality and efficiency.

Taking intermediate products as the guide, actively promoting the construction of the overall assembly, and promoting the separation of shell, outfitting, and coating operations in space and time by region, continuously improving construction efficiency and outfitting integrity;

Actively promote the parallel operation of the upper construction general assembly and the main hull general assembly, expand the construction work area, continuously improve the integrity of the internal decoration of the upper construction general assembly, implement module vehicle transportation general assembly, and promote the rapid formation of the main hull general assembly;

Optimize the main engine entry plan, reserve the main engine entry space in advance, and spot weld the equipment, piping fittings, and electrical fittings in the reserved space during the installation phase to facilitate disassembly and reassembly of the main engine when entering the cabin;

Reasonably arrange the cleaning and testing work, prioritize the sequence transfer, and break through each one to ensure the smooth sequence transfer of the shipway shaft system construction project and ballast compartments;

Summarize the construction experience of the packing system, strictly control the installation quality of the box feet and guide rails, conduct pre test box inspections according to the self inspection plan, achieve a one-time qualified inspection of 7 cargo hold test boxes, and shorten the construction cycle of the shipway;

Actively utilizing advanced technological methods, improving processes such as hatch enclosure welding and rapid box lifting, ensuring the installation accuracy of hatch covers, promoting processes such as zero margin design and manufacturing, modular construction of outfitting units, and no code assembly, steadily improving construction progress and quality.

At present, all cabin inspections have been completed, and the entire ship's outfitting work has been basically completed. The engine and electrical equipment, as well as the entire ship's piping system, except for heat tracing pipes, main engine shaft connection pipes, and cold storage, have all been installed. The completion of external inspection installation and inspection has reached 90%. The upper internal wall panels and ceiling panels, except for the main deck and stairs, have been basically installed. In the future, the Wuchang Shipbuilding Project Team will continue to organize mooring tests and interior installation work with high standards and quality to ensure the smooth delivery of ships on schedule.

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